貴如意 2013 May

貴如意 2013初夏

My name is 貴如意(KI JOY) and I run Kikoh classes .
I was born in 1954 in Okayama, Japan.  “貴(KI)” of 貴如意 is one character of the Kanji of “貴子(Atsuko)” myl name, and “如意(JOY)” is  JOY in English.
I started learning  Kikoh around 1990 .

My introduction to Kikoh

In Yaho Shrine. Favorite kimono

In Yaho Shrine. Favorite kimono

After I married, I gave birth to three children in five years.  Due to my husband’s job we had to move  house often which caused my stress and health problems within myself.  I had to have womb surgery which resulted in my body becoming weak. I struggled with everyday household chores and at the weekends I was totally exhausted and had to stay in bed while my husband and my mother took care of our children.  I felt miserable and irritated and thought a lot about what I had done and what I was doing.  I was eager to change;  I wanted to be more helpful for other people.


How I became Kikoh healer.

at Kunitachi class

at Kunitachi class

It was then I heard about Kikoh. I studied hard, desperate to learn but to tell the truth, I didn’t feel much Ki myself during the first six month so I asked my teacher to take me to a mountain in Nara.  It was there I felt Ki strongly for the first time and since that moment, I have been feeling Ki emanating from my hands:  that was when I started my career as a Kikoh healer.  At that time my teacher was instructing all the students to buy expensive Kikoh equipment that I wasn’t really happy about.  I thought Kikoh should be for everybody and shouldn’t be expensive so I left the teacher and started creating my own Kikoh when I moved to Tokyo 15 years ago.  I am now very confident in my own Kikoh.

The special features of my Kikoh

  • I absorb energy from nature
  • I can radiate Ki any time
  • I am able to perceive evil Ki.
  • You can choose your own Kikoh equipment (which need not be expensive).
  • My Kikoh healing is quick.

What I would like to do in the future.

I have been a Kikoh healer for nealy 20 years.  After my time as a mother, I am now going to have more time to contribute to society with my sikks by spreading Kikoh through classes and seminars and healing pains and stresses.  It may not be easy for everybody to understand what Kikoh is but your problem can be healed whether you understand it or not.

As I said before, my aim is to spread out the world of Kikoh and to give many people the ability to use their own Ki for themselves.  I hate to see Kikoh being used for money or any religion: that I am most careful about.