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An impressive excursion

I went on an excursion to Izu area. I and my companions visited our teacher’s house. In his garden, I saw a teahouse, many trees, a small fall and even a natural river. It was for the first time that I saw the river runninng through the private garden. I felt the breath of every living thing there.

And we went to the old Japanese traditional dancing hall. There, we saw many  beautiful Japanese women (so called Geisha), who were wearing kimonos gorgeously dancing. They were dancing gracefully, sometimes comically. I want to recommend you strongly to see them.










今日は4回目の気功教室。大分皆さん気が出てきたので木の「気」を感じて欲しくて外に出たのだけれど、残念ながら神木に近い木が街にはなくて、あまり感じていただけなかった。でも私がしていたpink crystalの気は、手からはずして机に置いた状態で「温かい」と皆さんに感知して頂けた。考えてみたらこれは凄いこと。自信を持って進んで下さっていいと思う。半年間何も感じなかった私から見れば優等生です。