For corporations

Are you interested in holding a kikoh seminar in your company?

If any of your employees are suffering from depression , stress, backache, headache, cold, bad condition, fatigue or other aliments, Kikoh is for them.

You can use Kikoh as part of your company’s welfare service.

Kikoh can help your employees stay in good health.

Western athletes focus on training themselves both physically and mentally.  Currently Yoga, breath control, stretching  and others are considerd to be the effective ways for both physical and mental training.  Kikoh is also establishing as a new method for removing stress from the body and mind and for maintaining a healthy condition.

It is just as easy as exercising to  music.

Try Kikoh before your problem becomes bigger.  It is easy, not time consuming and affordable and helps to keep your whole office vigorous.

Kikoh seminar for corporations

Total 12 lessons, 120 minutes per lesson. If you have 2 lessons a month , you may finish the course in 6 months.

The length of attainment differs for individuals but normally you are able to control your Ki in 6 steps.

Learn to become aware of Ki.
Try to feel Ki from my hands, experience Ki and understand what Ki is.
Find your own Ki
 Practice feeling your own Ki.
Absorb Ki from  nature
Try to feel Ki from nature and create the image of taking Ki from nature into your body
Practice radiating your Ki.
Learn to constantly radiate your Ki.
Practice healing yourself.
practice healing others
You use your own Ki to heal others.


fee 150 minutes per lesson 35,000 yen per lesson plus travel expense.
number of a participants Max: 10 people per lesson
available area Kanto area. Please contact for details.
Kikoh healing
from the instructor
Healing treatment from me is available after each lesson.  Private healing prices apply  (2,000 yen for 30 minutes).
Apply individually or through the company.

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