Example of the Kikoh healing

During my fifteen years as a kikoh practitioner, I have had the pleasure of observing the positive effects that kikoh has had on my patients. Below are some cases I had which illustrate the effectiveness of kikoh in curing various ailments.


I was walking down the street one day when I ran into my neighbor, Mrs. S, who complained of strong pain in her lower back. She escorted me back to her home, where I performed a ten-minute kikoh session for her. Kikoh is usually very effective for recent problems, so I was able to rid her of her pain with relative ease. After her session, she was so filled with joy that she gave me a hug. This was the first time a woman had ever hugged me!


Here is what a mother said to me after I treated her 11-year-old son for insomnia.

“Mrs. Tomita, thank you for your Kikoh treatment today. Amazingly, he fell into a deep sleep by 11 o’clock tonight! He was able to fall asleep easier than usual, so it seems that his evil ki has disappeared. Now, I can enjoy a nice quiet night for myself. I’m so happy.”

Ear Pain

I once had a kindergarten boy who had had a middle-ear infection. He had damaged his eardrum numerous times and was suffering from pain. Through several sessions, his condition gradually improved, and, eventually, his eardrum completely healed.

Lost voice

One time, I had a patient who liked Noh (traditional Japanese drama with dance and song).  After catching a cold, her voice became husky, and she had trouble speaking. At the time, I was very busy preparing to move, but I managed to find the time to help her. She continued coughing for a couple of days, but, after that, her voice recovered, and she was able to enjoy singing again. With her voice back, she couldn’t thank me enough. Other examples of ailments that I have been able to treat through kikoh are asthma, facial-skin allergies and the other skin problems.

Though kikoh is very effective for treating certain medical conditions, especially pain, it is not a cure-all. In fact, I respect Western medicine and would recommend a medical examination in the case of prolonged backache. Furthermore, certain kinds of medication can limit or even neutralize any beneficial effects.

Other examples are asthma, face skin allergy and the other skin problems: My Kikoh worked for all of them.

I respect Western medicine myself and I would give advice to go to hospital and take inspections on the internal organs if you have pain on your back for a long time.

But I might not offer my healing treatment if you have any metal inside your body from an operation, etc.  Also, if you are taking certain kinds of medicine, Kikoh may not work at all.  Beside these, Kiko works very well for your pain.