The aim of my activities

Kikoh is a good safe way to manage your health

The aim of my activities is to introduce the wonderful world of Ki that everybody is able to use if only they know they can and to offer the proper coaching. I hope you will make use of your Kikoh skill for the sake of other people in the future.

This is for you if you are Message
feeling exhausted or something is wrong with your health due to everyday work Let’s grasp the stress and condition of our body and enable to control ourselves before falling down.
a young unemployed person having a difficulty integrating into society
a family member of these people are also welcome
There is the world which we cannot see. The world of Kikoh is the same world which we cannot see. Let’s feel actually and look at the new world.
a household wife who is interested in and wants to use Kikoh for others Are you doing a full life now? Don’t you use a small portion of your lives for people?
employers who want to take care of employees Kikoh is the new health-care-administration method. Please do an experience directly once.

My Kikoh “Kiraku”has no connection with any religion or any other particular groups.

As I said before, my aim is to spread out the world of Kikoh and to give many people the ability to use their own”Ki” for their health. And I believe that this will contribute peace of the world.