I met my friend in Asakusa, Ueno.

Hakone Shrine's Garden

Hakone Shrine’s Garden

I met my young friend who came from Shikoku in Asakusa, Ueno. I went to the “Asakusa Entertainment Hall”,but it was bit of a waste because we were able only to stay a little over two hours until 9:00 p.m. The cost is 2,800 yen for all day.I thought that Saturday and sunday were full of variety. Today we could see a lady who possessed of the supernatural power. She was interesting.

We had rather late lunch in a “monnjayaki” shop called  “Maguroya-honten”(“The Tuna Shop Head Office”) We had baked “monjayaki” before and made an old female owner of the snack bar very agnry because we baked wrong. This time, a young man baked it diligently and we were relieved. The ingredients were much, and it was delicious. There was a feeling of bonus, because we had 20% off coupons getting from the internet.

We visited the Foreste Museum of Ueno and saw many things “Arisugawanomiya and Tkamatsunomiya” people (Relatives of Japanese Emperor)possessed. There were pictures and calligraphy done by Kikuko-sama, silverware,  Doll’s festival, kimonos and a pottery made by Hazan Itaya and etc. They were not extremely luxurious, but I felt honored to see them  with my own eyes.  They had been collected by people who knew their value and I could imagine their daily lives being plain and simple but noble.

As for my friend whom I spent the time with happily, she proceeded with a smile and said we should meet in autumn.

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