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What’s the meaning of “Reading a poem aloud”?

The class of Reading Poems Aloud by Dorian Sukekawa has finished today. I have fully enjoyed the world of poems. It’s been a long time since I last read them.

He taught me that  reading a poem aloud is to tell your image of  it to the audience and to picture the poem in your mind is very important for persuading them to let them know your image.

If I read the poem, I can understand the real state of the poet. When I play the piano, I enter into a composer’s heart through  hands. When I read a poem aloud, I conjure the writer’s spirit through my voice.

An impressive excursion

I went on an excursion to Izu area. I and my companions visited our teacher’s house. In his garden, I saw a teahouse, many trees, a small fall and even a natural river. It was for the first time that I saw the river runninng through the private garden. I felt the breath of every living thing there.

And we went to the old Japanese traditional dancing hall. There, we saw many  beautiful Japanese women (so called Geisha), who were wearing kimonos gorgeously dancing. They were dancing gracefully, sometimes comically. I want to recommend you strongly to see them.






Kimono class

To my sadness, I seldom see women who wear a Kimono these days. In old days, I saw many women wearing a Kimono here and there. Actually, my mother used to wear a Kimono everyday. As for me, I wear a Kimono 2or 3 times a month at most.  I worry that the Japanese Kimono culture may be dying out.

So, I want to  make a Kimono class and have a Kimono group. Sometimes we will go out wearing a Kimono together. You, especially foreigners, will be fascinated by our graceful figures.

I thank Mr.T. &Mr.Y. for helping me

Today I was taught how to make an English website and handbills by Teacher T. and Mr.Y.. They know very well about computers and as does Ms.Y., who manages an English school.  While Mr.Y and Ms.Y were talking about PC’s, I was reading a comic because I felt as if they were speaking in a foreign language. Anyway, I am very happy to know those people who are capable of handling PC’s.