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Inspiration from Heaven

The funeral of the Gozen-sama of the Araiyakushi Nkano district was performed on July 25. After he passed away,  much talk of his hardship was spoken of.  I had only ever thought he was always able to deal with problems.  I had not considered anything  else.

To The Gozen-sama This is Mt.Fuji in the evening.  It was so beautiful.

To The Gozen-sama
This is Mt.Fuji in the evening. It was so beautiful.

On the funeral day, when I was walking along Nakano Broadway, suddenly something came to mind.  The Gozen-sama had always given us good advice when we consulted with him about our trouble, but he did not speak to us about his own problems.  However, he was also human being, he also must have had something to consult with someone.  Believers, including me, had defined the Gozen-sama as ” the man who we can consult with and rely on”.

From the time of my second-year junior high school student I had been acquainted with him for 40 years or more.  As I became an adult and I was free after raising children, could I not help him and talk with him about himself?  I was feeling both regret and sadness while arriving at Yakushi-doh.

After arriving at Yakushi-doh, I noticed that he wanted me to understand this.  And during the funeral, I worshipped from the bottom of my heart, praising his unselfish service to others and aplogizing that I had utterly relied on him and that I couldn’t do anything for him. It was a good farewell.                      Amen

I thank Mr.T. &Mr.Y. for helping me

Today I was taught how to make an English website and handbills by Teacher T. and Mr.Y.. They know very well about computers and as does Ms.Y., who manages an English school.  While Mr.Y and Ms.Y were talking about PC’s, I was reading a comic because I felt as if they were speaking in a foreign language. Anyway, I am very happy to know those people who are capable of handling PC’s.