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Staying in cool Osaka

I stayed in Osaka last week because I had a business there. It was the hottiest place in Japan. But I was protected from the heat going through the subways. After business, I went to two art musiums. Arts in Osaka were very good as was the hotel, so I want to give you some informations.

The name of the hotel was Rihga-Royal Hotel Osaka.The courtesy bus will pick you up and drop you off at JR Osaka. The atmosphere was terrific. They upgraded my room as it was not the holiday. Including the breakfast ( you can choose the famous restaurant “Nadaman” or buffet style), it cost ¥8,000. If there were two of you, it would be much cheaper. I recommend you book it by internet.

A wonderful scene

A wonderful scene

I went to National International Art Musium which exhibited 「kansai Collection」 and Asian China Art Musium which exhibited 「Finnish Design」. The former, I was very moved at the paintings which I had never seen except in books. The latter, the Finish beautiful glasses made me feel cooler.

I had the lunch in 「Nakanoshima Daibilu」. The Italian restaurant was on the second floor. As it was past 1p.m., the dessert and drink were free. It cost me only ¥1,000. I could go almost through the subways without going outside. To get to The Asian China Art Musium, you move to go outside but the station was just in front of it. I was very satisfied with my Osaka trip. I had learnt a lot. So I can enjoy myself the next day.

Please be sure to confirm the term of the special exhibitions of the art musiums before you go.