Q.  What does my company have to supply?

A.  Just a quiet room with a small table and chairs.

Q. What are the methods of payment?

A. Full payment is required in advance. (6 steps x 2 lessons x 30,000 yen per lesson = 360,000 yen). Payment shall be made by bank transfer.

Q. Is your service tax deductable?

A. Yes providing that your company is eligiable for welfare. A receipt will be supplied for your accounts.

Q.What are the benefits to my company.

A. Your workers will be more relaxed, able to focus more, concentrate, be less stressed and healthier. Add all these elements together and you have a happier workforce which can only lead to increased productivity.

Q.Will your lessons interrupt work?

A. No. A suitable time for you, your employees and anyone else will be arranged for your convenience.