What is ” Kikoh”?

About   “Ki”

“Ki”  is a kind of natural energy that you have in your body.  When giving treatment,
I remove your excess  Ki.   I sense  Ki  as something like weak tingling electricity.
We call this kind of  Ki  evil Ki.  Electromagnetic waves are flying about today.  Because of that, almost all people are having in their bodies superfluous “Ki” ( evil  “Ki” ).  Most people feel this evil Ki as  warmth  but the perception can differ for individuals.  As a kikoh healer, I can sense it as warmth as well.

Do only humans radiate  Ki? No. Nature does as does the sky, the land, the sea, the mountains and the trees and the atmosphere around us.

What is  “Kikoh”   then.

The simple answer is this:  Kikoh is the way to integrate with the Mother nature by using your Ki  .This is not the common opinion but I obtained this belief through my experiences.  In my class I teach how to absorb the Sun’s energy.  This is my original practice that cannot be found from the idea that  Ki  exists only in humans.

Integrating with the nature is the key point of my Kikoh but it isn’t possible if you yourself radiate evil  Ki.   You start by removing your evil Ki and then you organize your Ki  into a good condition.