Clearing off the table at once

I borrowed a book from Ms.Y. but I was concerned   that I might make the book dirty. “Don’t worry about that.”, she said. “I lend you books insted of throwing them away. I don’t want to have books I have already read at home. I always want to clear out my place.”

Hearing what she said, Mr.Y. said to me “Oh! Her character is the opposite of you. You have many things at home and there are many books and papers on the table.” as he had visited my house and seen the room before, he touchd a sore spot.

The beauty of Japanese tidy room

The beauty of Japanese tidy room

I contradicted him saying  “Not only I but my family should take the blame for messing. There are four people in my family, so I will take a quater of the resposibility for it and if you are worried about things on the table, would you help me to tidy it?”  “Yes.”, he said, “What shall I do?” I answered, “Please take two corners of the table-cloth. I will have the other two corners of it and let’s take it with the contents to the next room. That will clean it.”

Mr.Y. was amazed to hear that. No to worry. I am sure to clean the room and things on the table… someday.

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