The changes of clothes

Since the 11th March 2011, I have seldom seen women wearing skirts. Most of them wore slacks. The colour of them was either black or grayish, in other words, rather dark.

When I saw people’s dark clothes in the train, I sighed, but these days, the appearance of clothes has changed gradually.  I began to see especially the young wearing skirts. Some are wearing mini skirts. The colour is not showy, but gentle bright colours like pastel colours.

Seeing these made me happy and I thought I want to wear skirts or a dress also. At first I must buy a slip. So I went to three shops to buy it. But every saleswoman said, “We have no slips, but there are petticoats.”  I said, “I was very surprised to hear that. The times have changed?”  A saleswoman said feeling pity for me, “Many women like you said the same thing as you.”

I was relieved to hear that, knowing that there are other Urashima Hnako the same as me.

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