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I met my friend in Asakusa, Ueno.

Hakone Shrine's Garden

Hakone Shrine’s Garden

I met my young friend who came from Shikoku in Asakusa, Ueno. I went to the “Asakusa Entertainment Hall”,but it was bit of a waste because we were able only to stay a little over two hours until 9:00 p.m. The cost is 2,800 yen for all day.I thought that Saturday and sunday were full of variety. Today we could see a lady who possessed of the supernatural power. She was interesting.

We had rather late lunch in a “monnjayaki” shop called  “Maguroya-honten”(“The Tuna Shop Head Office”) We had baked “monjayaki” before and made an old female owner of the snack bar very agnry because we baked wrong. This time, a young man baked it diligently and we were relieved. The ingredients were much, and it was delicious. There was a feeling of bonus, because we had 20% off coupons getting from the internet.

We visited the Foreste Museum of Ueno and saw many things “Arisugawanomiya and Tkamatsunomiya” people (Relatives of Japanese Emperor)possessed. There were pictures and calligraphy done by Kikuko-sama, silverware,  Doll’s festival, kimonos and a pottery made by Hazan Itaya and etc. They were not extremely luxurious, but I felt honored to see them  with my own eyes.  They had been collected by people who knew their value and I could imagine their daily lives being plain and simple but noble.

As for my friend whom I spent the time with happily, she proceeded with a smile and said we should meet in autumn.

The pleasant day

Today my work was canselled. As it was not so hot, I passed the day relaxing by playing the piano and cooking much. To more things: firstly I had to translate my H.P. into English and secondly I had to write information flyer, print, and send to my students. However, I was lazy and didn’t do anything.

The special flower in June

The special flower in June

In schoolchild days, I was absent from school when I had fever. I was happy  when I must stay in my “futon” for a while after recovering from the illness. I read some books and I enjoyed it when my mother slid my “futon” with me on it across the “tatami”(Japanese mat) to clean.

I enjoyed these days at home as a child and I found that my character was the same even though I am older.

Staying in cool Osaka

I stayed in Osaka last week because I had a business there. It was the hottiest place in Japan. But I was protected from the heat going through the subways. After business, I went to two art musiums. Arts in Osaka were very good as was the hotel, so I want to give you some informations.

The name of the hotel was Rihga-Royal Hotel Osaka.The courtesy bus will pick you up and drop you off at JR Osaka. The atmosphere was terrific. They upgraded my room as it was not the holiday. Including the breakfast ( you can choose the famous restaurant “Nadaman” or buffet style), it cost ¥8,000. If there were two of you, it would be much cheaper. I recommend you book it by internet.

A wonderful scene

A wonderful scene

I went to National International Art Musium which exhibited 「kansai Collection」 and Asian China Art Musium which exhibited 「Finnish Design」. The former, I was very moved at the paintings which I had never seen except in books. The latter, the Finish beautiful glasses made me feel cooler.

I had the lunch in 「Nakanoshima Daibilu」. The Italian restaurant was on the second floor. As it was past 1p.m., the dessert and drink were free. It cost me only ¥1,000. I could go almost through the subways without going outside. To get to The Asian China Art Musium, you move to go outside but the station was just in front of it. I was very satisfied with my Osaka trip. I had learnt a lot. So I can enjoy myself the next day.

Please be sure to confirm the term of the special exhibitions of the art musiums before you go.

Thinking about lives

According to 9th June’s Asahi morning paper, in India at senior high school, the students of the third grade must take the unity test, which will decide their future. After the announcement of the result of the tests, many students who had failured in tests have committed suicide every year.

In Japan, there is a sign board which stands on the cliff from where many people jumped to their death. It says, “Just a moment. To die is too early for you. You have many years ahead. If you die now, you will get nothing from life.” I want to give this word to the youth in despair in India.

Popular flower in June in Japan

Popular flower in June in Japan

I believe in the existence of the soul after death but I don’t agree with suicides at all. Dr.Hinohara says, “Your life exists in now.”. I think if you live hard in this world, you will go to heaven peacefully. The opposite attitude of living hard is to compare oneself to others and have nagative feelings or decide one’s life accepting other’s expectations.

I want to say this to the youth in India. You should make your life by yourself. You don’t know when and how expectations  of society for you  will change.Let’s live gracefully and strongly the life you are given.

Clearing off the table at once

I borrowed a book from Ms.Y. but I was concerned   that I might make the book dirty. “Don’t worry about that.”, she said. “I lend you books insted of throwing them away. I don’t want to have books I have already read at home. I always want to clear out my place.”

Hearing what she said, Mr.Y. said to me “Oh! Her character is the opposite of you. You have many things at home and there are many books and papers on the table.” as he had visited my house and seen the room before, he touchd a sore spot.

The beauty of Japanese tidy room

The beauty of Japanese tidy room

I contradicted him saying  “Not only I but my family should take the blame for messing. There are four people in my family, so I will take a quater of the resposibility for it and if you are worried about things on the table, would you help me to tidy it?”  “Yes.”, he said, “What shall I do?” I answered, “Please take two corners of the table-cloth. I will have the other two corners of it and let’s take it with the contents to the next room. That will clean it.”

Mr.Y. was amazed to hear that. No to worry. I am sure to clean the room and things on the table… someday.

The changes of clothes

Since the 11th March 2011, I have seldom seen women wearing skirts. Most of them wore slacks. The colour of them was either black or grayish, in other words, rather dark.

When I saw people’s dark clothes in the train, I sighed, but these days, the appearance of clothes has changed gradually.  I began to see especially the young wearing skirts. Some are wearing mini skirts. The colour is not showy, but gentle bright colours like pastel colours.

Seeing these made me happy and I thought I want to wear skirts or a dress also. At first I must buy a slip. So I went to three shops to buy it. But every saleswoman said, “We have no slips, but there are petticoats.”  I said, “I was very surprised to hear that. The times have changed?”  A saleswoman said feeling pity for me, “Many women like you said the same thing as you.”

I was relieved to hear that, knowing that there are other Urashima Hnako the same as me.